Gerta Bardhoshi teaching the in Baker Teacher Leader Center
Learning and Training Opportunities
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Webinar – Using Self-Monitoring Apps to Support Positive Classroom Behavior
Teachers, reduce problem behaviors in the classroom with technology! Join Dr. Allison Bruhn to explore a few mobile apps that make self-monitoring interventions more efficient and easier to use than basic paper-pencil modes.  This is a free webinar designed for pre-service and in-service K-12 educators. TLC Credit: IS (T), SEL 
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Online Workshop – Mindfully Managing Emotions
The focus of this workshop will be using mindfulness practices to manage difficult emotions. Participants will learn about the role that mindfulness and self-compassion can play in labeling, accepting, and riding the wave of difficult emotions. This interactive workshop will offer participants the opportunity to practice several different mindfulness exercises to increase awareness around the […]
SEBH Webinar Series
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Webinar – Connecting with Care: The Intersectionality of Identity and Mental Health
During this webinar, K-12 teachers and education professionals will explore the needs of students from an intersectionality framework with an emphasis placed on mental health at the intersections of multiple social identities.  Learn ways in which heterosexism, cis-sexism, and racism impact the social-emotional and behavioral health of our students. This webinar is #6 in an […]
Flow and Yoga
Online Class – Rejuvenating + Flow Yoga (Session 1)
Learn how this practice can be used to boost your health, strength, and well-being. The goal is to come away feeling refreshed and reenergized.   We will start this session by sitting and bring awareness to our breath. We will connect movement to the breath and come to an all-four’s position for more stretching, lengthening, and […]
Affiliated Faculty Talk – National Performance Standards for Comprehensive School Mental Health
Researchers and graduate students interested in school mental health scholarship are invited to join us for this inaugural Affilated Faculty Talk by Sharon Hoover, Ph.D, National Center for School Mental Health Co-Director. Participants can join in-person at the University of Iowa Baker Teacher Leader Center (Lindquist Center) or via Zoom. Lunch will be provided for […]
SEBH Webinar Series
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Webinar – Preventing Compassion Fatigue: Engaging in Radical Self-Care
This session is dedicated to supporting K-12 teachers. Dr. Gerta Bardhoshi will help us unite to do the radical self-care needed to thrive in this profession.  Educators can’t help their students if they aren’t well themselves. Let’s come together to learn about the signs of compassion fatigue and ways in which compassion fatigue can affect […]
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Integrating Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Into Your Daily Life Workshop
This free online workshop is designed for in-service and pre-service teachers. Learn about mindfulness as an essential component of self-compassion and the benefits of incorporating mindful self-compassion practices into your daily life. During this interactive workshop, participants will practice several different mindfulness exercises that bring awareness to the present moment through the five senses.
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Reducing Harms in Opioid Use Disorders Workshop
Participants will learn more about ways to reduce harms in opioid use disorders (OUD), such as harm reduction, as well as receive helpful resources about opioid use disorder (OUD). All are welcome to attend; prior registration is not required.