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February 8, 2024
Findings from the ‘State of Iowa Staff & Faculty Mental Health and Well-Being’ Study
Higher Education
The Scanlan Center for School Mental Health conducted Phase I of its Iowa Higher Education Study with seven of the Iowa Community Colleges, exploring three salient issues: 1. What are staff/faculty self-perceptions of their mental health and well-being? 2. What are staff/faculty self-perceptions of competence and confidence intervening with student mental health and well-being? 3. What are […]
Image: Student and teacher walking in hallway
February 6, 2024
What’s Good for Students is Good for Us, Too
Learning and Training Opportunity
Professional Development
Our energy and mood can shift hourly, daily and weekly. What are some things we can do to keep energized, focused, motivated, and present in our classrooms? How do we garner genuine enthusiasm to show up each day being our best and encourage our students to be their best? Committing to wellness habits and mindful […]
teacher standing with student
January 31, 2024
Introduction to Restorative Practices
Learning and Training Opportunity
Professional Development
This course has been canceled for February 2024. Stay tuned for upcoming offerings of this course. This course focuses on the fundamentals of restorative justice, restorative practices, and relationship building for classroom teachers and service providers. It explores the role restorative practices play in relationship building and building capacity in dialogue around diversity, equity and inclusion. […]
students sitting at desks
January 30, 2024
School Avoidance: What It Is, Why It Happens and How You Can Help
Learning and Training Opportunity
Professional Development
This presentation will introduce you to school avoidance facts, misconceptions, common causes, and what research and real-life show as the most critical factors in improving outcomes. You will hear about school avoidance from the perspective of families and students to help you build collaborative relationships needed to help these students back. Also, you will learn […]
Boy raising hand in classroom
January 29, 2024
Emotional Intelligence: Modern Approaches to the Application of Developmental Science
This workshop will explore the latest developmental research describing key fundamentals of emotional intelligence including empathy development, emotion regulation in group settings, and related social skill development. K-12 educators, administrators, school counselors, paraeducators, and school mental health providers, will gain an understanding of up-to-date research that emphasizes the role of culture and context in how […]
Image: people ice skating
January 23, 2024
The Value of Movement and the Outdoors
Learning and Training Opportunity
Professional Development
There aren’t many arguments against the value of movement when it comes to learning. Brain science tells us physical movement makes it: When we combine it with the outdoors, it can increase the benefits greatly for ourselves and our students. Why wouldn’t we want to feel our best? We shouldn’t dread the next day of […]