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Educator Wellness Podcast
October 28, 2023 - June 30, 2024
Educator Wellness Podcast: Season 2
Learning and Training Opportunity
Watch, listen, and reflect on each of the 8 episodes in Season 2 of the Educator Wellness Podcast to earn 1 free Iowa Licensure Renewal Credit! Episodes will be released monthly starting in October 2023 on YouTube or your favorite podcasting platform. About the Podcast A podcast just for K-12 educators! Prioritize YOUR wellness to […]
Research Lunch - Web Preview (2)
December 7, 2023
School Mental Health Research Lunch
Special Event
You are invited to enjoy a free lunch while learning about current research promoted by the Scanlan Center for School Mental Health. Presentation #1 “Impact of Sleep on Adolescent Mental Health.” Presentation #2 “Psychosis-Risk/Psychotic-Like Experiences in Adolescence.” Presentation #3 “The Prevalence of Psychotropic Medication for Individuals with Challenging Behaviors.” This program, co-sponsored by the Grants […]
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January 17, 2024
ECHO – Challenging Behaviors in Elementary Classrooms
All Iowa-based elementary educators, administrators, and school counselors are invited to join an online 8-part ECHO – Challenging Behaviors in Elementary Classrooms Training program. ECHO stands for: During each ECHO, elementary educators/specialists will present real cases to a panel of interdisciplinary specialists and other ECHO participants for discussion and recommendations.  In addition, brief didactics are […]
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January 23, 2024
The Value of Movement and the Outdoors
Learning and Training Opportunity
Professional Development
There aren’t many arguments against the value of movement when it comes to learning. Brain science tells us physical movement makes it: When we combine it with the outdoors, it can increase the benefits greatly for ourselves and our students. Why wouldn’t we want to feel our best? We shouldn’t dread the next day of […]
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February 6, 2024
What’s Good for Students is Good for Us, Too
Learning and Training Opportunity
Professional Development
Our energy and mood can shift hourly, daily and weekly. What are some things we can do to keep energized, focused, motivated, and present in our classrooms? How do we garner genuine enthusiasm to show up each day being our best and encourage our students to be their best? Committing to wellness habits and mindful […]
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February 29, 2024
Growing Kids By Growing Plants: Horticultural Therapy and the Benefits of Environmental Learning on Youth Mental Health
Learning and Training Opportunity
Professional Development
This learning session will introduce you to the basics of horticultural therapy, and approaches/strategies that can be incorporated within the school environment and beyond. We will discuss the benefits of this therapeutic approach, and share practical tips for embedding this approach into your existing work. We’ll present information and case studies from our youth-led urban […]
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Obermann Workgroup – Reconceptualizing the Mental Health Crisis in Higher Education: A Mindful Journey
Higher Education
Learning and Training Opportunity
This University of Iowa working group engages participants, across the campus and beyond, to explore trauma-informed pedagogy, positive psychology, and the philosophy of the health-promoting university (via the Okanagan Charter). These lenses are used to analyze the complex issues connected to well-being and mental health in higher education. We aim to provide a cross-disciplinary space for […]
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Kognito Distress Intervention and Suicide Prevention Program
Higher Education
Learning and Training Opportunity
People in distress often turn to those they know rather than seek professional help. Kognito training provides skills and training for individuals help friends, family, colleagues, or anyone who is in a situation where they might be contemplating suicide. What is Kognito? Kognito is an online, interactive role-play simulation program for students, faculty, and staff […]