Scanlan Center for School Mental Health
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Mindfulness Activities

Brighten your day, refocus, and reenergize with one of our mindfulness coloring sheets, activity pages, or audio-guided breathwork/meditations! Download, print, listen, and use in your classroom or for personal use.

Coloring and Activity Pages

Two local Iowa artists illustrated the coloring and activity pages. The “Coloring & Activities For Caring Classrooms” book was designed by local artist Mackinzie Rekers.

The “Be Well. Teach Well. Live Well. Coloring Book for Educators” book was created by Greta Songe. Each design in this set represents one of the 8 dimensions of wellness – emotional, social, occupational, intellectual, physical, financial, environmental, and spiritual.

Coloring & Activities for Caring Classrooms cover
Care for Students Coloring Page
Reflections Activity Page
Care for Classrooms
Box Breathing
Care for Communities and Families
The Power of 5
In this Moment Activity Page

Be Well Teach Well Live Well Coloring Book for Educators
Emotional coloring page
Social coloring page
Occupational coloring page
Intellectual coloring page
Physical coloring page
Financial coloring page
Environmental coloring page
Spiritual coloring page

Audio-Guided Breathing and Meditations

Purposeful breathing and meditation are simple yet powerful techniques for managing stress and promoting relaxation. Use this practice at any time during your day to cultivate a sense of calm, enhance focus and clarity, and reduce stress.

Mini Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness Box Breathing
Alternative Nostril Breathing
Breathe, Notice, Respond
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Three Part Breathing
Mindful Walking
Equal Breathing