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Back to School
Educator Wellness
5 wellness tips to help educators transition back to school
By Alissa Doobay, Ph.D.

For teachers, back-to-school season is particularly poignant. We will likely feel a range of emotions – all of which are natural and valid. Dr. Alissa Doobay shares 5 wellness tips to assist educators in mindfully shifting their focus back to the academic year.

Skill Development
Teaching & Learning
Great educators are active listeners: How to make your students feel heard
By Ashley Banta, M.A.

Active listening is a skill that we can all invest more time in developing, especially as educators. Being a better listener means more meaningful relationships with our students. Practice these 3 microskills to up your listening game.

Educator Wellness
How to actually recharge this summer
By Gerta Bardhoshi, Ph.D.

Summer is a perfect time to reflect on what aspect of your own wellness you would like to supercharge, but sometimes for teachers it can be hard to decide what to focus on. Dr. Gerta Bardhoshi, provides three true and tried ways to actually recharge this summer.

Educator Wellness
Prioritizing educator wellness cannot be optional
By Kari Vogelgesang, Ph.D.

As a former elementary school teacher turned professor of teacher education, I’ve often struggled with feelings of guilt, even embarrassment for renouncing my post in the classroom, and abandoning my fellow PreK-12 educators. It’s been a decade since I left my position as an elementary teacher, but rarely a week passes that I don’t think […]

5 school mental health leaders you should know
By Kat Krtnick Wilson

Welcome to our School Mental Health blog!  Teachers, administrators, school counselors, and all of us who serve youth have been in the trenches during the last two years. Daily, we see, hear, and feel the surge of anxiety, depression, grief, and loneliness in our students.  By nature, we want to help… to be confident in how we talk with […]