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Bullying Prevention: What Every Educator Needs to Know

March 5, 2024
5:00-6:15 pm CST
Professional Development


Chad Rose, Ph.D.
Chad Rose, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
University of Missouri Department of Special Education
Mizzou Ed Bully Prevention Lab

Event Details

Bullying remains a pervasive problem among school-aged youth. Therefore, educators are tasked with the responsibility to identify, intervene, and reduce bullying within their classrooms and schools. In this session, bullying prevention will be addressed through a multi-tiered lens. Specifically, this session will highlight the defining characteristics of bullying, provide an overview of predictive and protective factors, identify warning signs, outline assessment approaches, and provide recommendations for school-wide, classroom, and targeted interventions.

Learning Goals:

1. Identify warning signs and predictive factors associated with bullying involvement,

2. Understand risk characteristics, and

3. Develop a bullying prevention approach that is applicable to their classroom environment.