Scanlan Center for School Mental Health
Episode #7

Episode #7 – Connecting to your Environment in a Meaningful Way to Support your Well-Being

April 19, 2023
5:30-6:45 pm CST
Professional Development


Craig N. Sawchuk
Craig N. Sawchuk, Ph.D., L.P.
Chair, Division of Integrated Behavioral Health, Department of Psychiatry & Psychology
Mayo Clinic

Event Details

Environmental wellness encompasses not just your relationship with the planet and nature, but your relationship with your personal surroundings.

When our personal surroundings are cared for, clean, and organized, we can experience greater comfort and less anxiety. In addition, this dimension of wellness involves being and feeling physically safe, in both our micro-environment (places we live, learn, work etc.) and our macro-environment (our country, community, and the whole planet).

During this episode featuring special guest Dr. Craig Sawchuk, we will engage in a discussion that will guide/encourage participants to think about what environmental wellness is and how it impacts their daily lives and well-being.

Join us live on Wednesday, April 19 from 5:30 – 6:45 p.m. on the Scanlan Center for School Mental Health’s YouTube channel or Facebook page.