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Self-Care for Self-Preservation (The Educator Edition)

February 1, 2024 - August 31, 2024
Professional Development


Meredith Caskey
Meredith Caskey
Physical Activity, Health & Wellness - University of Iowa College of Education
Sun & Bird Yoga LLC Movement & Mindfulness

Event Details

Take an 8-week journey – made with PreK-12 educators in mind – rooted in well-being and reflection. Each week, we will integrate self-awareness with new strategies to better support your well-being that will transcend into your teaching.

During this online learning experience, you will synthesize wellness skills like mindful movement and breath work authentically into each day, summarize the value that daily healthy habits have on our overall well-being, and compose plans for committing to practicing wellness techniques for a healthy present and future.

Each week includes short videos, readings, a discussion board post, journal activity, and an opportunity to reflect.

  • Complete 8 online modules, 1 per week on your own time
  • Earn 1 free Iowa Licensure Renewal Credit!

Learning Goals

Module 1: Joy and Laughter

  • Recognize what brings us joy and how to cultivate more of it. Identify ways to truly laugh and increase the amount of laughter we experience.

Module 2: Gratitude and Appreciation

  • Recognize gratitude more clearly. Discuss with others how our language can affect our well-being. Identify opportunities to be grateful and appreciative for each day.

Module 3: Energy and Focus

  • Identify and honor all our feelings and then gently renew our energy and focus so we don’t burn out. Recognize when our energy levels change so we can take action to protect and restore our well-being. Discuss with co-workers, friends, and families the things they can do to support us when we need help.  They don’t know unless we share it with them.

Module 4: Rest and Recovery

  • Recognize signs that we need more rest, recovery, and relaxation. Discuss ways we can make it habitual to get good rest. Identify disruptors to our achieving healthy rest/recovery and remove them.

Module 5: Breath and the Brain

  • Recognize ways to improve our brain’s health. Discuss how to take care of our mental health and why we should make it a priority each day. Identify tools and techniques we can incorporate into our self-care specifically to keep our minds strong.

Module 6: Building Healthy Habits

  • Recognize how little changes can have big impacts on our well-being. Discuss the differences between good habits and ones that don’t serve us anymore. Identify ways to create healthy habits that stick.

Module 7: Nutrition and Sleep

  • Recognize what we need individually when it comes to our relationship with meals and how much sleep we need to function every day with purpose and energy. Discuss sleep hygiene and mindful eating to glean ideas we might try. Identify healthy habits that we already do or can start to incorporate easily into our days when it comes to the amount of sleep we need and the foods that are right for us.

Module 8: Play and Outside

  • Recognize the benefits of play and spending time outside. Discuss ways to increase the amount of time we play and go outdoors. Identify what we are comfortable doing outside and if we can increase more playful moments indoors and out.