Scanlan Center for School Mental Health
Image: people ice skating

The Value of Movement and the Outdoors

January 23, 2024
5:30-6:30 pm CST
Professional Development


Meredith Caskey
Meredith Caskey
Physical Activity, Health & Wellness - University of Iowa College of Education
Sun & Bird Yoga LLC Movement & Mindfulness

Event Details

There aren’t many arguments against the value of movement when it comes to learning. Brain science tells us physical movement makes it:

  • Easier for our brain to maintain focus
  • Helps us to integrate learning across both of our brain’s hemispheres
  • Helps to enter information into our memories
  • Reduces chances of feeling overwhelmed or overloaded. (Amber Lamprecht, Literacy and Language Centre).

When we combine it with the outdoors, it can increase the benefits greatly for ourselves and our students. Why wouldn’t we want to feel our best? We shouldn’t dread the next day of teaching but look forward to the possiblities each day brings. The best is yet to come.

Learning Goals:

  • Develop an understanding of the role of outdoor movement education in the elementary school setting.
  • Learn how to incorporate movement into everyday learning.
  • Recognize the value of outdoor movement as it relates to cognitive growth, physical development and mental well-being.
  • Adapt and construct an equitable and inclusive environment for outdoor movement.