Scanlan Center for School Mental Health

Coloring book, pages, and colored pencils

Brighten your day, refocus, and reenergize by coloring one of these pages!

Download the full “Be Well. Teach Well. Live Well. Coloring Book for Educators” or individual pages by Iowa artist Greta Songe. Each page in the coloring represents one of the 8 dimensions of wellness – emotional, social, occupational, intellectual, physical, financial, environmental, and spiritual.

Be fully present in the moment with four other beautiful “growth” designs below.

Be Well Teach Well Live Well Coloring Book for Educators
Emotional coloring page
Social coloring page
Occupational coloring page
Intellectual coloring page
Physical coloring page
Financial coloring page
Environmental coloring page
Spiritual coloring page
Be gentle with yourself coloring sheet
Trust the seeds you are planting
Growth coloring sheet
Grow What You Go Through coloring page