Scanlan Center for School Mental Health
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Funding Source TBD
Duration March 2022 - TBD


The Neolth app, an on-demand, personalized, digital tool that aims to build resilience for school populations through access and practice of personalized mindfulness and stress-reduction techniques, and social-emotional learning practices, will be launched with 300 teachers and staff in the Fairfield School District in March 2022 as an individual teacher wellness intervention, with the aim of increasing coping skills, reducing stress, and enhancing resilience. Teachers will evaluate the effectiveness of the app in reaching these desired outcomes. Additionally, an educator and student version of the app will be launched with 150 9th graders and teachers in the Waverly-Shell Rock School District in August 2022. Currently, 57 teachers in this district are completing a pilot evaluation of the app. In conjunction with app use, teachers will implement an educational intervention using guided relaxation activities and a video series that teach social-emotional skills and build resilience.


Affiliated research faculty with the Scanlan Center for School Mental Health