Past Events
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October 26, 2023
Cultivating Vitality through Acceptance and Commitment: Part 3
Learning and Training Opportunity
Professional Development
In this final Cultivating Vitality session, we will focus on how to utilize skills in awareness to cultivate openness to our internal experiences, even those that are painful or challenging (e.g., sadness, anxiety). This session will also focus on the barriers that may arise when trying to pursue personally chosen values, as well as how […]
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October 25, 2023
Level 2: A Deeper Dive into Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Informed Practices
Learning and Training Opportunity
Professional Development
This session will be a quick review of the DBT concepts from Level 1 and a deeper dive into applying them in practice. Time will be given to workshop using DBT concepts in all areas of education. Examples of mindfulness practices that can be used in the classroom will be included throughout the session. Note: […]
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October 24, 2023
The Value of Movement and the Outdoors
Learning and Training Opportunity
Professional Development
There aren’t many arguments against the value of movement when it comes to learning. Brain science tells us physical movement helps: (Amber Lamprecht, Literacy and Language Centre). When we combine it with the outdoors, it can increase the benefits greatly for ourselves and our students. Why wouldn’t we want to feel our best? We shouldn’t […]
Research Lunch - Web Preview (2)
October 19, 2023
School Mental Health Research Lunch
Special Event
You are invited to enjoy a free lunch while learning about current research promoted by the Scanlan Center for School Mental Health. Presentation #1  “Improving Resilience in Students with Communication Disorders. ” Presentation #2  “Understanding Social-Emotional-Behavioral Health Needs for students with Intellectual and Developmental Disorders in UI REACH. ” Presentation #3 “Novice Teachers’ Experiences in Supporting Student […]
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October 19, 2023
Cultivating Vitality through Acceptance and Commitment: Part 2
Learning and Training Opportunity
Professional Development
Following up on Cultivating Vitality Part 1, Dr. Thomas will revisit the assignment to implement one values-based goal. This session will focus on developing awareness of one’s experiences, including thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and external circumstances. Moreover, participants will develop skills in intentionality – making purposeful choices. Learning goals: 1) Develop awareness of ongoing experiences […]
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October 18, 2023
Our Youth Suicide Crisis – A Viewing + Discussion of the Film, My Ascension
Learning and Training Opportunity
A special event for K-12 educators, University of Iowa staff and students, and the local Iowa City community My Ascension is the powerful story of how Emma Benoit, a 16-year-old varsity cheerleader, was left paralyzed after a suicide attempt. She is now propelled on a mission to use her painful experience to help others find […]